本那比房地產經紀的第1名-Lotus Yuen by Rate-My-Agent.com 2019

榮幸地被Rate-My-Agent.com評為2019年本那比(Burnaby)房地產代理商中的第1名。 我珍惜與客戶合作的每一次機會。 感謝他們讓我聽聽他們的聲音,並了解他們的需求和要求。 這些了解使我能夠為他們提供更好的服務。 房地產市場有漲有跌,快和慢。 我們通過分析市場來抓住一切機會,並根據我們的經驗,知識和誠信提供專業建議。 我們能夠為我們的客戶取得最好的結果。


1st of 24 Burnaby Real Estate Agents - Lotus Yuen

感謝Rate-My-Agent.com認可我們的努力以及客戶的反饋。 客戶的每一個推薦都是我們努力工作的動力,並提供出色的房地產服務,包括房地產購買,出售,租賃和投資。


感謝您對我的客戶的信任,支持和業務。 沒有你,我們將無法取得理想的成績。 感激不盡。


Top Rated Burnaby Real Estate Agent


(客戶感言 – 使用谷歌翻譯成紅色)


Lotus has been incredibly helpful and patient with my questions as a first time home buyer. I worked long hours and was only able to communicate with him during late nights, but he responded promptly to my texts and emails. He has also provided insightful information and suggestions to solve potential problems and was patient dealing with the sellers. Overall it was a smooth sailing experience. – B Law

作為首次購房者,Lotus對我的問題提供了極大的幫助和耐心。 我工作很長時間,只能在深夜與他交流,但是他迅速回復了我的短信和電子郵件。 他還提供了有見地的信息和建議來解決潛在的問題,並且耐心地與賣家打交道。 總體而言,這是一次平穩的航行體驗。 -B Law


As a first-time homebuyer, Lotus provided me with excellent service and professional suggestions throughout the buying process. He is a very patient and detail-oriented agent. When I have concerns about anything, he can always get back to me with a solution. I really appreciate his service on this home-buying adventure and strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell your home!! – Eric C.

作為首次購房者,Lotus在整個購買過程中為我提供了出色的服務和專業的建議。 他是一位非常耐心且注重細節的經紀人。 當我有任何疑問時,他總是可以提供解決方案。 我非常感謝他在這次購房冒險中的服務,並強烈推薦他給任何想買賣您的房屋的人!! -Eric C.

Recalling the trip to Vancouver a month ago, it was a grateful journey. After all, life was the first time in Canada to buy a unit/ flat. After the excitement of repossession, my mind was blank and a lot of questions about dealing with property were emerging, all I was be in a hopeless tangle . On the other hand, since I have my job in Hong Kong, I can only stay in Vancouver for a week only. During every day in Vancouver, I was in a hurry to deal with a lot of things, problems were appear and I did not know how to solve them. At that time, I accidentally met him. When I met him the first time, I felt that he was very friendly and gentle. During our conversation, he analyzed the situation of our property with professional knowledge and solve my problems. What was the most memorable about him? It was his professional service mode seem a “24-hour” work attitude for client. I was very much appreciated to him. Before leaving Hong Kong, I decided to hand over my property to him. Of course, he professionally and immediately followed up and quickly helped me rent out my unit with a good pricing . I am very grateful to him, and thank God for arranged us (my spouse and I) to met – Lotus Yuen @ Remax. Regards, Sharon & Garros – Garros Lau

回顧一個月前的溫哥華之行,那是一次感激的旅程。畢竟,生活是加拿大第一次購買單位/公寓。收回財產後,我的頭腦變得一片空白,關於財產的許多問題浮出水面,我全都陷入了絕望。另一方面,由於我在香港工作,所以只能在溫哥華呆一個星期。在溫哥華的每一天,我都急於處理很多事情,出現了問題,而且我不知道如何解決。當時,我不小心遇到了他。當我第一次見到他時,我感到他非常友好和溫柔。在我們交談期間,他以專業知識分析了我們財產的狀況並解決了我的問題。他最難忘的是什麼?正是他的專業服務模式對客戶來說似乎是一種“ 24小時不間斷”的工作態度。我非常感謝他。在離開香港之前,我決定將財產移交給他。當然,他專業並且立即跟進,並迅速幫助我以良好的價格出租了我的公寓。我非常感謝他,感謝上帝安排我們(我和我的配偶)見面-袁媛媛@ Remax。 Sharon & Garros – Garros Lau


As a first time homebuyer, we’ve received wonderful service from Lotus. He has been extremely patient with us and has always answered all our questions at any time of day. We will definitely work with him again in the future. For now we are super happy with our new home. Thank you Lotus! – Jacqueline Lam

作為首次購房者,我們得到了Lotus的優質服務。 他對我們一直非常耐心,並且始終在每天的任何時候回答我們所有的問題。 將來我們一定會再次與他合作。 目前,我們對新家感到非常滿意。 謝謝蓮花! -杰奎琳·林(Jacqueline Lam)

We have been working with Lotus Yuen years ago. He is always amazing to work with, and he has great negotiation skills, knowledgable in the surrounding area and the market. He firstly understood our needs, and he has patient to help us find a suitable home rather than rushing me. He provided good analysis for property we were interested, and negotiated a good price for our new home. In addition, he also has a licensed property manager. His team help me screen great tenants and provided excellent property management for our investment property. He is professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him to anyone for their real estate needs including buying, selling and renting. – ken lam


幾年前,我們一直在與Lotus Yuen合作。 他的工作總是令人讚嘆不已,並且他具有出色的談判技巧,在周邊地區和市場上廣博。 他首先了解我們的需求,並且他有耐心地幫助我們找到合適的房屋,而不是催我。 他對我們感興趣的房地產提供了很好的分析,並為我們的新房子討價還價。 此外,他還擁有持牌物業經理。 他的團隊幫助我篩選了出色的租戶,並為我們的投資物業提供了出色的物業管理。 他是專業和知識淵博的人。 我們強烈建議任何人滿足其房地產需求(包括購買,出售和租賃)。 -ken lam


Our experience with Lotus was simply outstanding. My husband and I were looking to downsize to a condo in Burnaby. Lotus worked with us on a very personal basis and helped us to understand what we really needed. At one point, Lotus even told us that “You might consider to focus on this neighbourhood, I will also go for the same area one day I will retire!” It was his local area knowledge, networking and strategy that enabled us to purchase the new home we wanted. Lotus is knowledgeable and very experienced not only on Real estate trading, but also on Rental Property management, he is hardworking and always available – a true professional who cares clients and delivers on everything he commits to. My husband and I recommend Lotus to anyone buying/selling/renting out a property. – Carman Chan

我們在Lotus方面的經驗非常出色。 我和我丈夫正在尋找在本那比(Burnaby)的公寓的尺寸。 Lotus在非常個人的基礎上與我們合作,並幫助我們了解了我們真正需要的東西。 有一次,Lotus甚至告訴我們:“您可能會考慮關注這個社區,有一天我會退休,所以我也會去同一地區!” Lotus的專業知識,人脈和策略使我們能夠購買自己想要的新房子,Lotus不僅在房地產交易和租賃物業管理方面知識淵博,而且經驗豐富,他勤奮敬業,樂於助人。 照顧客戶並兌現承諾的專業人士。我和我的丈夫向任何購買/出售/出租物業的人推薦Lotus。 – Carman Chan


Lotus has helped me on purchasing a detached house in 2017 with reasonable pricing, I am happy with the purchase and enjoying life with the schools, environment and neighborhood. His professional skill and knowledge helped me to make the right decision, I was also amazed by his honesty and sense of ownership with his services. Yes, I recommend Lotus for whose looking for a long term realtor. – Gary Tsang Ka Pui

蓮花幫助我在2017年以合理的價格購買了獨立式住宅,我對購買感到滿意,並享受學校,環境和社區的生活。 他的專業技能和知識幫助我做出了正確的決定,他的誠實和主人翁感也讓我感到驚訝。 是的,我建議Lotus尋找長期的房地產經紀人。 – Gary Tsang Ka Pui


We know Lotus for a long time even before he became a realtor. He adopts ‘customers first’ policy and has been very helpful to us in both buy and sell of apartments. He helped us to get the best prices in all cases, to find any loopholes in the transactions and provides excellent advices in every aspects. He is the best realtor we have met. – Oscar Lo

我們很早就了解Lotus,甚至在他成為房地產經紀人之前。 他採用“客戶至上”的政策,在買賣公寓方面對我們都非常有幫助。 他幫助我們在所有情況下都能獲得最佳價格,發現交易中的任何漏洞,並在各個方面提供出色的建議。 他是我們遇到的最好的房地產經紀人。 -Oscar Lo

Lotus has been our realtor, providing incredible advice and service for several years. With his professional knowledge, negotiation skills, patience and dedication, we were able to complete sales and purchases at the right time with exceptional outcome. The property we sold a year back was among one of highest prices in the neighborhood. Thanks to Lotus, the apartment we just bought is our best find in terms of location, quality and price, yet we were not interested initially and only considered viewing because of his persuasion. He guided us through every steps involved, and connected us to professionals and tradesman throughout the process. Lotus is respectful and reliable. I still remember the incident when we were viewing an apartment with a construction site close by, the buyer agent emphasized that he had checked the development plan and confirmed that the building under construction would just be a few floors high and wouldn’t block the view. But Lotus found out within minutes that it would have 15 floors and block the view completely. We also encountered a few times when seller agents declared no storage locker and yet Lotus were able to identify storage locker existence at the time of making offer. I would highly recommend Lotus without reservation. – Karin Poon

Lotus一直是我們的房地產經紀人,多年來提供了不可思議的建議和服務。憑藉他的專業知識,談判技巧,耐心和奉獻精神,我們能夠在正確的時間完成銷售和購買,並取得非凡的成績。我們一年前出售的房產是該地區最高價格之一。多虧了Lotus,我們剛買的公寓在位置,質量和價格方面都是我們最好的選擇,但我們最初並不感興趣,只是因為他的說服才考慮參觀。他指導我們完成了所有涉及的步驟,並在整個過程中將我們與專業人員和商人聯繫起來。 Lotus是尊重和可靠的。我仍記得事件,當時我們正在查看附近有建築工地的公寓,買方代理強調他已檢查了開發計劃,並確認正在建造的建築物只有幾層樓,不會遮擋視線。 。但是Lotus在幾分鐘之內發現它將擁有15層樓,並且完全擋住了視野。我們還遇到過幾次,賣方代理人聲明沒有存儲櫃,但是Lotus在報價時能夠識別存儲櫃的存在。我強烈建議毫無保留地推薦Lotus。 – Karin Poon

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