What Does It Mean to Work With a Join-up Real Estate Team?

You’re likely wondering what is our join-up team about….

The logic here is fairly simple – it all goes back to what we learn as kindergarteners: many hands make light work. There are many benefits of having our join-up team working for you as opposed to an individual agent. An individual agent will tell you that if you list your home with them, you will get their personal attention.

At The Lotus Yuen join-up Team, our professional agents, employees and partners work together, creating a myriad of specialized skills and knowledge – all of which are geared towards getting your home SOLD for the best possible price!

Our join-up team and Partners consist of:

  • Listing and Buyer Specialists
  • Exclusive Professional Home Stager
  • Professional Photographer & Videographer
  • Full time licensed Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Preferred Lawyers/Notary Public
  • Preferred Mortgage Specialist/Bankers
  • Preferred Inspectors
  • IT Specialist