Community Plans

The City of Burnaby has a comprehensive set of plans to guide future development throughout the City in conformance with the Official Community Plan.  These plans include strategies for land use and development,  transportation,  infrastructure servicing, and other related development issues for Town Centres, Urban Villages,Suburban Multi-Family AreasMixed-Use Areas and Park/Conservation Areas.

All of the City’s Community Plans are a result of detailed planning and land-use studies completed in conjunction with a comprehensive public consultation process with property owners and residents.  The final authority of Community Plans are established through their formal adoption by Council as a policy guideline for consideration of specific rezoning and development applications.  Overtime Community Plans and general land use designations are subject to change and amendment by Council to serve changing community and development needs.

Burnaby’s Community Plans

Town Centres

The City’s existing development framework includes four Town Centres within the four quadrants of the City and include:

Metrotown – Regional Town Centre

Brentwood Town Centre

Edmonds Town Centre

Lougheed Town Centre

Each of these centres contributes to Burnaby’s increasing overall diversity and self sufficiency by combining transportation and social infrastructure with residential and employment opportunities. They provide for higher density forms of housing in the City’s most urban settings.

Urban Villages

Urban Villages are designated to accommodate non-Town Centre multi-family development associated with a commercial area. The commercial areas are intended to provide a focal point for convenient and close to home access to commercial facilities and services.  Designated Urban Villages include:




Capitol Hill

Cascade Heights




Royal Oak

Sixth Street

Willingdon Heights

Suburban Multi-Family Areas

Incorporated within the framework are comprehensively planned townhouse and garden apartment development areas. These areas differ from the Urban Villages by their singular low density multi-family residential character. Designated Suburban Multi-Family areas include:

Cariboo Heights

Forest Grove

George Derby

Greentree Village




Mixed-Use Areas

Throughout the City a number of Community Plans encompass complex areas serving multiple land use designations and civic interests.  Mixed-use Community Plan areas include:

Big Bend

Burnaby Lake Sports Complex

Central Administrative Area

Discovery Place


Lake City

Myrtle Street

Simon Fraser University

Park/Conservation Areas

Burnaby has been blessed by many natural features and open spaces which have been planned to meet community needs in the City’s overall land use concept. Designated Park/Conservation areas with adopted plans include:

Barnet Marine Park

Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

Capitol Hill Conservation Area

Chevron Buffer Zone

Source: City of Burnaby