We are amongst the ones of his early customers when he became a property agent. We found him very attentive to details, always think for his clients to get good deals and other accessories when buying new homes, provided good market information for comparison and above all, gives very good suggestions on buy/not buy, documents review and follow up after the sale. Overall, we appreciate very much and benefited from the help from Lotus. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy/sell properties.
Oscar Lo & Karin Poon
Thanks Lotus for all of the hard work and dedication devoted in helping me on purchasing a condo. Your expert advice, quick response, and follow through on my queries has made the purchasing enjoyable. I highly recommend him as your real estate agent.
Robert Wong
Lotus is a very helpful and professional real estate agent who helped me and my mom found the most suitable house which suits our budget. From January to the completion day, Lotus helped us patiently while always giving me the best information about the process of purchasing the property. Besides providing the best service, Lotus is always willing to give us supports when we were in need. For example, giving us rides and helping us to deliver many important files. As a client of Lotus, I must say that it is my fortune to know such a nice, professional, enthusiastic and helpful agent who accompanied us to go through every complicated step during this period. Again, as a client, I must say that Lotus is a very reliable agent who understands the needs of his clients
Ivy Hung
Lotus 你好,   首先让我们向您致以衷心的感谢。 之前,由于你的大力帮忙,协助!不厌其烦的带我们去看不同的公寓,在不同的地区,谢谢你的耐心,以及出色的介绍,使我们更加了解情况!当要买下公寓,你尽你的力量来帮助我们贷款的问题!到最后完美的完成交易! 让我们再次感谢你和你诚挚的友谊! 此致 敬礼!
We are very pleased to have Lotus as our agent. He understands our requirements, and actively identifies apartments that meet our needs. He also offers professional and unbiased advice on the properties, and has been very patient in going through all the legal documents to ensure that we know what our commitment might entail. He also follows through with any questions that we have. In short, he’s a great help and a great friend!
Cambie 7 investor
“When we were in the market to purchase an investment condominium downtown, Lotus helped to identify a number different options for us. Offering us guidance and valuable insight, he advised us on the selection of the property and worked hard to negotiate a favourable purchase price. His knowledge of the market, dedication to his clients and hard work was key to making this purchase possible.”
Li Family
Finding the most suitable home in Great Vancouver is a hell of a task. And to get that done in space of 2 weeks is more like a mission impossible! But we just achieved that, solely because of the outstanding professional help and support we received from our agent Lotus! Due to a special circumstance, we only had a time space of 3-4 weeks to find the most suitable home and move in. We ourselves were not at all sure that we could make it. However, it is Lotus’ dedication, hardwork and loyalty that finally brought a very happy ending to our home-finding project, not to mention the many helps and favours we get from Lotus to overcome the difficulties we face as new immigrants. To me and my family, Lotus is not only a reliable agent but also a great friend!
Simon Li/Shen
This letter is to show our appreciation for the successful sale of our home. We had tried to sell before with another realtor, but not successful. Lotus Yuen presented himself in a professional calm manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He has also provided value-added services to showcase our home in a professional aspect including home staging service, professional photographs and video, custom color brochure, market analysis, and newspaper/online marketing. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Sincerely we wish you all the success in the future. We are pleased to recommend Lotus Yuen without hesitation.
Desmond Wong
It has been a pleasure to do business with Lotus Yuen. It has been nothing but a positive experience. Lotus Yuen is knowledgeable, experienced, and understands our needs. He promptly answers our queries in a professional manner. He helps us make a smooth transition to the new home and addresses all our concerns and issues with the Seller. I appreciate all that Lotus Yuen has done for us and look forward to being in our new home!
We are writing to express how please we were with Lotus who assisted us in purchasing our new home. We began working with Lotus from Apr to Aug and were interested in buying a home in Burnaby. We were quite impressed with Lotus’ knowledge of the district. Being first time home buyers we felt confident in Lotus’s ability to assist us in this overwhelming process. He proved to be both professional and reliable making buying our home a pleasant experience. We hope to recommend Mr Lotus’ services to others in the future and we would gladly serve as a reference to other home buyers/sellers who would be interested in speaking with us. Sincerely,
Wenyu Xing Mingfeng Xu
Lotus was honest and upfront from the start. He was thorough and organized. He guided me step by step with both the selling of my house and the purchase of my new home. Lotus gave great advice on all aspect of the sale such as pricing, staging and the time to put on the market. The whole process of selling and buying went very smooth. We were not only selling in very good price in the neighbourhood, but also save more money from the transition between old home to new home. I really appreciated his dedication and profession. I will definitely recommend Lotus to family and friends.
Kenneth Ku
I am happy with the sale of my townhouse and purchase of my new duplex. The service and advice that Lotus gave helped a lot. The free staging made my townhouse very presentable and hot in the market ( I had 14 offers!). I sold my townhouse at a very good price. Lotus is very patient, helpful, hard-working, knowledgeable and honest. He also helped me to buy a new home. Most important, Lotus kept me in the loop in all aspects of the process. I really appreciate all his efforts and help. I highly recommend Lotus to anyone who wants to sell or buy a house.
Marisa Tang