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Property Buying in BC (4): Deposit on a House Purchase

Everything You Need to Know About Deposits The deposit is put down as good-faith money by the buyer towards a home purchase. It’s an important part of the process, and to make sure your home purchase goes smoothly you’ll need to make sure you know the norms when it comes to the deposit. This blog outlines the

Property Buying in BC (3): Property Transfer Tax BC

2021 PTT Calculator, Exemptions & Buying Costs Property transfer tax, also known as land transfer tax, is a closing cost that you should be aware of as a home buyer in BC. We provide you with important information on how to calculate property transfer tax, who pays it, and when it applies to you. In this

Property Buying in BC (2): Cost of Buying a House in BC

Full Home Buying Cost Estimator 2021 The cost of buying a house in BC is so much more than just the purchase price, and it’s important that you understand the true cost of buying a home BEFORE you get an accepted offer.  Knowing these costs in advance will help you decide what you’re really comfortable with